Directions to our Hostel

The Keys is just a 7 minute drive from the Capital Philipsburg. Vicky’s Keys is located in the small town called The Keys in Sucker Garden. Located in a residential area will make you experience the real Caribbean local life. Furthermore the location ensures the privacy of the guests without the disturbance of traffic by beach-goers, yet the beauty of Guana Bay Beach and Great Bay Beach and its colourful reefs are just minutes away.

Directions with own transportation:
Vicky's Keys is approximately a 20 minute drive from Princess Juliana International Airport. Straight across Philipsburg you will find the suburb called Sucker Garden. To reach our location you will have drive to Sucker Garden passing Philipsburg.
Coming from Philipsburg on the Sucker Garden road.
On your left: you'll pass the Gas station.
On your right: you'll pass the Guana Bay road.
Drive until you see on your right a Super Market called "FRESH POND SUPERMARKET". Or the sign “Welcome to Sucker Garden”.
Then take the first road on your right called KING OF THE SEA ROAD.
Make a right turn, you'll be driving on a bank, continue driving to the 3rd bridge. DON'T TAKE THE 4TH BRIDGE this is to far off.
Turn left at the 3rd bridge and continue driving. This road is called THE KEYS ROAD.
On your right: pass the street called Sedums Cactus road.
Continue driving until you see on your left the sign “VICKY'S KEYS on a painted big rock.
Make a left turn at this sign and you'll see a parking lot.
You have arrived at Vicky's Keys!

How to reach us by Public Transportation
Public transportation on SXM runs from 5.30am until approximately 8pm - 8.30pm. And it’s not regularly that buses stop at the Sucker Garden road which is our neighbourhood.

If during the day:
At the Princess Juliana International Airport (Dutch side) you can take the bus going to Philipsburg- bus-fare is about $2. Once in Philipsburg get out at the end of the bus ride at Cannegieterstreet in front of a supermarket called AFOO. At this location you will find gypsy cabs (illegal taxis) waiting to take customers to The Keys village in Sucker Garden. Our location is in The Keys and we are the only Guest House - Vicky’s Keys Hostel - in The Keys village. A gypsy fare would be approximately $1 (to Sucker Garden road) - $5 (to be dropped directly at Vicky’s Keys).

From L'Esperance Airport (French side) it's best to take a commercial taxi to reach us. Costs approx. $25 - $30.

If during night time:
From both Airports (Dutch and French side) it’s best to take a commercial taxi. Costs approx. $25-$30 to reach us.

You can also google our location to see where we are precisely located.

Good luck and we hope to welcome you soon!